Biometric Wallet Out of the Box

Install the Cometh SDK for Unity or Web to implement an embedded wallet offering biometric sign in and gasless transactions into your application.

1-Click Account Creation

When a user registers and completes their first transaction, Cometh Connect automatically deploys the smart wallet on the blockchain in a single operation.

Sponsored Gas Fees

Cometh automatically manages gas fees on the backend of each transaction and bills them back in your currency every month so that users never see them.

Wallet Recovery

We are dedicated to standards and openness: Cometh Connect is based on technologies that secures millions of accounts and +40bn€ on chain

Biometric Signers

Transactions are signed with Passkeys, a secure enclave with face & fingerprint recognition on computers and phones.

Multiple Devices

Users can securely link one wallet to several devices and add new devices.

Batch Transactions

Consolidate multiple transactions into a single envelope and save on gas fees while allowing the user to complete an order without using multiple apps.

Trusted by key players in both Web2 and Web3

Entreprise-Grade Compliance

Smart wallets deployed by Cometh Connect are resilient to evolving regulation in the web3 space and with self-custody, ensure a high level of compliance and security.


As a self custodial wallet, Cometh Connect offer a solution not in MICA (Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation) scope.

ISO 27001 Compliant

Cometh has been recognized by ISO 27001 certification, giving his customers a strong guarantee on confidentiality, integrity, and system availability.

Highest Standard of Ownership & Privacy with no vendor lock-in

Cometh Connect has the highest standard of user privacy offering both simplicty and security. Users control their assets using a fully Non-Custodial Design.

(Self) Custody

Utilizes Gnosis Safe for industry-standard decentralized asset management and WebAuthn for state-of-the-art, passwordless authentication. Keys are stored on the user's device and they are the only one who can interact with their wallet.

Secure ownership on chain through Safe

Each user creates a secure smart account, audited and protected by Safe technology that safeguards over $100 billion in blockchain value.

No vendor lock-in

Implements recognized standards for smart wallets and user interactions with keys, with keys stored on the user’s device.

With less Infrastructure: Reduce initial and ongoing costs associated with building and managing backend infrastructure to manage user keys.

Plug n Play Integrations

Supports easy integration with popular blockchain technologies and is designed for easy setup to manage all blockchain wallet interactions.

Ship Better Apps, Faster

Web3 is an ever-changing landscape that requires deep expertise on everything from smart contracts to security regulations and a multitude of tools, integrations and infrastructure to deliver a secure and intuitive end-user experience.

Reliable at Scale

Battle tested with over 100k wallets deployed with Cometh connect

Just Works

Implement our SDK in minutes and focus on building your application instead of building and managing blockchain infrastructure.

Derisk your Implementation

Avoid the steep learning curve and pitfalls that come from self-implementation or open source alternatives.

Accelerate Time to Production

Implement the SDK in minutes and easily customize to fit your brand or application. Cometh Connect offers a secure, scalable, and compliant gateway to all EVM-compatible chains, ready for activation in a few clicks

Built-In Expertise

No need for inhouse blockchain expertise or smart contracts.  As the leaders in the web3 and blockchain industry, Cometh products include the built-in expertise and support of one of the most experienced teams in the industry.

Built for the future

Cometh Connect is fully compliant, scalable, and designed to adapt to the evolving Web3 landscape.
• Uses proven blockchain technologies SAFE & Webauthn.
•No Vendor lock-in

Get Started

Create your project and implement the Cometh Connect SDK in minutes to start building your web3 enabled application.

Generate an API key
Use your email or social login to get access to the dashboard
Create your project
Create a project on the Cometh dashboard and retrieve your API keys. You're ready to go!
Try our starter pack
Download our open source starter app, and  run it on your machine to create your first biometric wallet and interact with a smart contract without adding any line of code.